Episode 8: Alexis Grant, They Got Acquired: The Bloomberg For Small and Medium Sized Acquisitions

On today’s episode we speak with Alexis Grant, founder and CEO of They Got Acquired, a digital media company focused on small and medium-sized acquisitions.

10 hours ago

The Money Take (6-17): Ad Market Warning, Dumb Regulation, Fatigue

The Money Take 💸 is a weekly email where Kyle and Jason give their take on 3️⃣ items related to monetizing your audience.

7 days ago

Episode 7: Jason Ziernicki, Warwick Gaming: From Unemployment to an 8-Figure Affiliate Business

Jason started from building a small local SEO shop to becoming the largest daily fantasy sports affiliate in America before building a sports media business with Kyle, which was eventually sold for $25 million.

8 days ago

Kyle Is Featured on "Content Is For Closers" Podcast

Kyle was featured on a recent episode of Adam Vazquez's "Content Is For Closers" podcast.

8 days ago

Episode 6: Brandon Perna, That's Good Sports: The Daily Show Meets SportsCenter

Brandon Perna, founder of That's Good Sports, a hilarious YouTube sports show. Brandon is a success story in taking a niche local audience, Denver Broncos football fans, and scaling it to a national following of 288 thousand people on YouTube.

8 days ago

Episode 5: Nick Pittman, Norcast TV: Six Figure Income Doing Local Weather Forecasts

Nick provides hyper local weather to the South Jersey community across digital platforms and has big plans for expansion through franchising personalized digital weather forecasts across the US

8 days ago

Episode 4: Jason Barrett, Barrett Sports Media: Building a Valuable Niche Brand with Advertising, Events and Consulting

Jason Barrett, founder of Barrett Sports Media, a media brand that covers the sports media and radio industry, talks about monetizing his brand through a mix of advertising, events, subscriptions, and consulting.

8 days ago

Passion, Integrity, Focus: How The Hackers Paradise Monetized Their Love of Golf

For all their success running a popular and financially sustainable website within a passionate niche (golf enthusiasts), Josh Babbitt and the team from The Hackers Paradise (THP) employ a remarkably straightforward approach.

Content to Product: How The Bourbon Pursuit Podcast Team Turned Into Distillers Themselves

How Kenny Coleman built the Bourbon Pursuit podcast into a whiskey brand.

Episode 3: Kenny Coleman, Bourbon Pursuit: From Whiskey Podcast To National Bourbon Brand

Kenny Coleman from Bourbon Pursuit discusses growing the business from a podcast to a national bourbon brand.

a month ago

Kyle and Jason Featured By "They Got Acquired"

Alexis Grant's new website, TheyGotAcquired.com, featured Kyle and Jason this week on selling their network of sports websites.

a month ago

Episode 2: Kent Auslander, Hot Route Tips: How Madden Freakout Video Helped Launch Premium Subscription Site

Kent Auslander, co-founder of Hot Route.Tips, discusses developing his passion for gaming into a business, maintaining product authenticity in their niche, how the business nearly derailed in the second month, how he leveraged his audience for marketing, and their future plans.

a month ago

Intro Episode: Zero to $25 Million in 2 Years and How You Can Too

Kyle and Jason talk about their journey from a mold infested basement office to a $25 million exit in two years, the goals of the podcast, and the trends online media brands and creators can follow to monetize their audience.

a month ago

Episode 1: Josh Babbit, Hackers Paradise: The ROI of Building a Loyal Audience with Honest Reviews

In this episode, Josh from The Hackers Paradise discusses the origins of The Hackers Paradise, how the website and forum operates, the importance of authenticity, and how the business is successful with the website, forum, and events.

a month ago

The Monetizers: Get to Know Kyle and Jason

Kyle Scott and Jason Ziernicki are longtime online entrepreneurs. They built and sold one of the largest sports betting affiliate businesses in the United States.

2 months ago