Episode 1: Josh Babbit, Hackers Paradise: The ROI of Building a Loyal Audience with Honest Reviews

Josh Babbitt hackers paradise
Josh Babbitt, Hackers Paradise

Josh Babbitt from The Hackers Paradise, a golf enthusiast and product review website, discusses the origins of The Hackers Paradise, how the website and forum operates, the importance of authenticity, rules around which type of sponsorship he'll accept, transparency with your audience about business model, and hosting sponsored events across the country.

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Main Summary

• (0:00) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason
• (1:25) The origin story of The Hackers Paradise, its early years, and what surprised Josh the most at the beginning
• (7:27) The importance of authenticity, operating without affiliate program deals, and keeping the audience and companies happy
• (13:06) How The Hackers Paradise gets new readers and manages the staff
• (15:49) How the events started and have evolved into the Albatross Club
• (23:40) The studio, content creation strategies, and operating a forum
• (30:13) The Granddaddy Captain explanation, process, and responsibilities
• (32:40) Future growth and navigating change
• (38:47) One thing Josh would change and a moment when he thought the business may close
• (43:19) Balancing and working with partners
• (44:32) A tool or software that is indispensable to The Hackers Paradise
• (46:10) How often Josh changes out his clubs and his opinion on golf today
• (49:05) A piece of advice for anyone looking to be successful in the webspace
• (50:29) Where you can find The Hackers Paradise online
• (50:57) Conclusion and thoughts with Kyle and Jason

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Links mentation In this Interview:
Albatross Club: (https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php?threads/2021-albatross-club-is-now-open-thpers-making-a-difference-helping-children.8924237/)
Xenforo: (https://xenforo.com)

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