Episode 10: Adam Vazquez, Content Is For Closers: How To Turn Your Podcast Into a Business Development Tool

adam vazuez content is for closers
Adam Vazquez, Content Is For Closers

On today’s episode, we speak with Adam Vazquez, founder of Heard Media, a podcast production agency and host of the Content Is For Closers podcast.
Adam’s company helps professionals and creators produce and distribute their podcasts. Adam has a unique background in marketing.

From writing an award-winning commercial at Vaynermedia to interviewing leading creators, Adam has a unique understanding of using content to effectively market products and services. He uses his podcast to raise his profile and for business development.

His work allows him to see the real-world impact and data behind the latest trends in podcasting. Listen now as Adam walks us through working for one of the leading business influencers on the planet, taking the leap to start his own company, and the future of podcasting.

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• (0:08) Introduction by Jason and Kyle.  
• (1:00) Adam’s origin story, how he founded Heard Media, and the award-winning commercial he wrote.
• (6:23) Adam’s experience working at Vaynermedia.  
• (10:00) Adam’s experience with going out on his own to start his own company, how he got traction, and the importance of a supportive partner.
• (16:52) The importance of discovery and interaction in content creation, and setting expectations for growth and success.
• (24:01) What Heard Media offers and why.      
• (30:15) The importance of finding and serving 100 people instead of focusing on monetization first.  
• (34:02) What trends Adam is seeing, the future of the company, and what the team currently look like.
• (38:45) How Covid impacted podcasting trends.        
• (42:50) One thing Adam would change over the past five years.  
• (42:37) If there was a moment where Adam thought he might fail.    
• (45:01) A tool or service that Adam can’t live without.
• Where you can find Adam, Heard Media, and Content Is For Closers online.

Kyle Interview on Content is for Closers : https://www.contentisforclosers.com/podcast/how-to-monetize-an-audience-of-any-size/
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