Episode 11: 10 Actionable Insights From 10 Episodes (Part 1)

10 actionable insights from 10 episodes part 1

Today we are doing something a little different. Instead of having an interview, it’s the middle of summer, a number of potential guests are on vacation as are we off and on the last couple of wheels, so we thought it would be a good time to 10 actionable insights from our first 10 interviews.

A little bit of a midway checkpoint to see some of the themes that you can take with you and implement into your business. We’ve called these out along the way and thought this would be a good checkpoint to walk through them, talk about them, and then also play some of these clips. These are some of the most important learnings that we’ve seen, even just in the small handful of interviews we’ve done so far.

We’ve identified 10 different trends that we’ve seen over these first 10 interviews. So we’re going to name them and our Producer Cameron will play clips of the examples that we cite as we go through.

If you like this show, if you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, this is a good starting episode because it’s a sampler pattern for all of the shows we’ve done so far. So you’re going to be able to duck in and out of guests we’ve had, pick the ones you like, and go back and listen to those shows.

10 Actionable Insights

1️⃣ You have to maintain authenticity (3:06-6:55)

6:57- 10:45,  Ep 1 | Josh Babbitt, The Hackers Paradise: The ROI of Building a Loyal Audience with Honest Reviews (https://player.captivate.fm/episode/f5e8e0ea-c210-48fc-b8e4-e63657339f9b)
10:46-12:42, Ep 2 | Kent Auslander, Hot Route Tips: How Madden Freakout Video Helped Launch Premium Subscription Site

2️⃣ Setting time limits (12:46-16:10)

16:12-18:36 , Ep 9 | Kyle Scott, CrossingBroad.com: From Local Sports Blog to Massive Affiliate Success
18:38- 20:10, Ep 10 | Adam Vazquez, Content Is For Closers: How To Turn Your Podcast Into a Business Development Tool

3️⃣ Must be willing to take the leap (20:13-24:54)

24:55-27:29 , Ep 1 | Josh Babbitt, The Hackers Paradise: The ROI of Building a Loyal Audience with Honest Reviews (https://player.captivate.fm/episode/f5e8e0ea-c210-48fc-b8e4-e63657339f9b)

4️⃣ You should care about having the right audience, not the biggest (27:32-32:40)

32:43-38:22, Ep 4 | Jason Barrett, Barrett Sports Media: Building a Valuable Niche Brand with Advertising, Events and Consulting (https://player.captivate.fm/episode/5b9584ed-b9ca-425a-8fee-361cf6474605) 38:24-39:56, Ep 8 | Alexis Grant, They Got Acquired: The Bloomberg For Small and Medium Sized Acquisitions

5️⃣ You have to be willing to evolve business model (40:00-44:49)

44:52-48:07, Ep 3 | Kenny Coleman, Bourbon Pursuit: From Whiskey Podcast To National Bourbon Brand

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