Episode 13: Ross Pomerantz, Corporate Bro: How Corporate Bro Monetized The Office Experience

Ross Pomerantz corporate bro
Ross Pomerantz, Corporate Bro

On today's episode, we speak with Ross Pomerantz, the man behind the wildly successful business humor social media account, Corporate Bro. Ross has become the avatar for corporate sales bros across the country, particularly in Silicon Valley.

He’s amassed a massive audience with workplace humor, which is a trend we’ve identified in content. He monetizes through advertising, apparel sales, advisory opportunities, speaking engagements, and his new investment arm, Corp Capital, a very interesting side of the business.

Listen now as Ross walks us through his process of creating a steady flow of content, using his following to create business opportunities, and why pushing the envelope allows him to stand out.

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• (0:08) Welcome back and what to expect in the future.  
• (4:38) Guest introduction by Jason and Kyle.  
• (5:33) How Ross Pomerantz originally got into content creation and how he found his content niche.
• (11:28) How to scale and grow your brand and yourself after the initial traction and audience growth, and how Ross monetizes his content.  
• (22:00) How Ross felt about sales and why he left.  
• (24:15) The Corporate Bro merch store and strategy.      
• (27:22) Monetization strategies of Corporate Bro and the story behind the Corp Capital fund.
• (31:58) How Ross got started with business advising and how it works.  
• (37:21) The benefits of using LinkedIn for content creation.          
• (41:18) How Corp Capitol has been doing and how it works.
• (45:04) How Ross got into speaking events.  
• (47:30) Goals for Ross and the brand in the future, and what he would like to be doing.
• (48:52) What the revenue pie looks like for Corporate Bro.
• (50:14) Whether there was a point where Ross thought Corporate Bro may not work, and the decision to switch to using his personal name.
• (54:47) A tool or program that Ross could not survive without.
• (55:47) Where you can find Ross and Corporate Bros online.
• (56:33) Final thoughts with Jason and Kyle.

Website: (http://www.corporatebro.com)
YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/CorporateBro)
Twitter: (https://twitter.com/TheRealCorpBro)
Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/Corporate.Bro/)
TikTok: (https://www.tiktok.com/@corporate.bro)
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Slack: (https://www.slack.com)

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