Kyle and Jason Featured By "They Got Acquired"

Kyle and Jason they got acquired
Kyle and Jason featured By "They Got Acquired"

Alexis Grant's new website, TheyGotAcquired.com, featured Kyle and Jason this week on selling their network of sports websites.

An excerpt:

While both partners ran their companies as lifestyle businesses — whereby they set up company operations to prioritize their preferred lifestyle — the legal change allowed them to scale and realize the “massive sports gambling opportunity in the U.S.,” [Scott] said. In the following 10 months, CBWG grew to $5 million annual revenue from subscriptions, digital advertising and partnerships, [Scott] said.
Its websites welcomed hundreds of thousands of readers across the U.S. It also became the largest independently owned U.S. sports betting affiliate marketing network, serving betting platforms’ ads to gamblers in states with legal sports gambling operations.

You can read the full article here.