The Monetizers: Get to Know Kyle and Jason

The Monetizers: Get to Know Kyle and Jason

We are longtime online entrepreneurs. Together, we have combined to generate tens of millions in online revenue through every business model imaginable– advertising, affiliate, events, ecommerce, and more.

We came together in 2018 at the behest of a mutual client, who recognized that our unique backgrounds in SEO and affiliate marketing (Jason) and content and audience building (Kyle) was a formidable combination in the booming online sports betting space.

Over the next two years, we built out a network of sports websites that we owned, and then acquired and partnered with others to create one of the largest sports betting affiliates in the United States. By the end of 2020 - a pandemic year with months of no sports at all - we had generated $4.5 million in TTM revenue and our business was acquired by a publicly traded performance marketing company for $25 million.

We continued running the network, expanding through acquisition and partnership with major media outlets, and have grown it to a solidly mid-eight figures business, working with some of the leading brands in online gaming.

Prior to joining forces, we spent more than a decade honing our skills and growing our audiences.

Kyle Scott monetize media
Kyle Scott, Monetize Media co-founder

Kyle founded the popular Philly sports blog CrossingBroad.com, which became the city's largest independent website. He was nominated by the local press club for "sportswriter of the year" and made countless appearances on local radio and TV. In 2013, he broke the national story of a NFL player who was caught on camera using a racial slur. Before becoming a multimillion dollar affiliate site, Crossing Broad was a six-figure ad business... before becoming a seven-figure ecommerce shop selling local sports apparel. The site featured only one other full-time employee.

Prior to founding Crossing Broad, Kyle worked at an affiliate marketing agency, sold advertising in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and worked on the MLB.com shop at GSI Commerce (now Fanatics).

Jason Ziernicki monetize media
Jason Ziernicki, Monetize Media co-founder

Jason has a deep background in tactical digital marketing and overseeing major online brands. Individually, he was one of the top affiliates for DraftKings and FanDuel in daily fantasy sports, building and running multiple SEO-focused websites and ranking #1 for some of the most competitive terms in affiliate marketing. He is a thought leader in extremely high converting content as an SEO and conversion funnel expert. He turned an audience of tens of thousands into a multi-million dollar revenue stream. His business, Warwick Gaming, was part of the pair's $25 million acquisition.

Prior to the founding of Warwick Gaming, Jason ran a leading local web design and SEO service.